College of Steam Users Package



Steam Users Package - 353 Minutes Total" includes 12 courses found within the College of Steam Users at a special discounted rate.

The "Steam Users Package" includes the following courses:

Typical Steam Users - 30 Minutes

    •The types of steam usage throughout industry

    •How to identify the types of equipment that use steam

    •The recommendations for condensate drainage and air venting of various types of steam users

Heat Transfer Theory - 23 Minutes

    •Review the first two laws of thermodynamics

    •Understand the types of heat transfer and the equations for calculating

    •Explore the elements that affect heat transfer

Calculating the Amount of Steam Used in Equipment - 35 Minutes

    •Identify and gather the required variables needed for steam consumption calculations

    •Understand the difference between design and operating steam flows and when to use them

    •Understand the different methods used to calculate steam flow

Steam Traps - 40 Minutes

    •Learn the purpose of steam traps

    •Explore steam trap types

    •Learn how to size and select steam traps

    •Identify typical maintenance and preventive measures

Control Valves - 33 Minutes

    •Control valve fundamentals

    •Control valve performance

    •Control valve components

    •Sizing and Selection

    •Installation and Best Practices

Steam Tracing - 35 Minutes

    •Describe a steam tracing system

    •List the three main applications for steam tracing

    •Describe the four methods used for steam tracing

    •List the different types of steam traps used on tracer lines

    •Explain steam distribution and condensate collection manifold stations and the design and installation considerations of a system 

Heat Exchangers - 20 Minutes

•Types of heat exchangers

•Typical heat exchanger applications

•Typical heat exchanger optimizations

•Best practices for heat exchanger installation

Tank Heaters - 32 Minutes

•Define what a tank heater is and describe an overview of its usage and applications

•List the common tank heater designs and the advantages and disadvantages of each design type.

•Describe temperature control strategies for tank heating and how proper trapping and condensate handling on tank heaters can improve efficiency.

•Understand the sizing and selection of tank heaters.

•List the potential problems with tank heaters if not used, installed or sized correctly.


Smart Solutions - 35 Minutes

•Understand Smart Solutions and industry applications

 •Learn how Smart Solutions can help identify system issues and reduce energy costs

 •Learn about the basics of wireless technology

 •Understand the value of Steam Asset Management

Steam Ejectors - 20 Minutes

 •The fundamentals of steam ejectors

 •How steam ejectors operate

 •Benefits of steam ejectors

 •Typical applications

 •Best practices for design and installation


 Typical Optimizations on Steam Users - 35 Minutes

 •List the most common problems associated with steam users

 •Identify and recommend possible solutions to problems

 •Review typical optimizations


 O&M Best Practices for Steam Users - 15 Minutes

 •Learn the importance of steam user quality

 •Identify key performance indicators

 •Discuss best practices for steam users

 •Identify equipment maintenance and routine checks

 •Discuss key attributes of standard operating procedures

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