Armstrong Global Learning Centers

Armstrong has learning centers across the globe.
Our Learning Centers are located in: Three Rivers, Michigan (USA); Liege, Belgium, Beijing, China; Nagoya, Japan; and very soon in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

Global Learning Center - EMEA Armstrong Thermal Utility Seminar Armstrong Demo Room

Seminars and other learning opportunities give you access to our unique legacy of knowledge.
Our seminars are hands-on sessions, conducted at our Learning Centers, worldwide.  Armstrong Global Learning Centers are equipped with the latest functional and cutaway equipment, making it possible to actually see how utility systems operate.

Seminars begin with the basics, ove on to best methods for installation and application, and conclude by exploring ways to maximize return on your energy investment.  They are taught by trained Armstrong experts who have the technical background and field experience necessary to ensure that you receive relevant, understandable information.  

We offer Industry-Specific training and seminars to address your most common daily issues.
More than a century of sage knowledge and in-depth expertise allows us to provide unique learning opportunities designed for your industry. If you’re in hospitality or another institutional industry, we can show you how to operate more efficiently while increasing satisfaction and safety for guests and staff. For hydrocarbon and chemical refineries, we can help you reduce energy use and achieve more uptime by eliminating process interruptions. For food, beverage or pharmaceutical companies, we can show you ways to increase both product and labor safety, and production and yield. In addition to our seminars for individual industries, Armstrong University also provides a regular schedule of general industry seminars which help you:

Benefits to you:                           Topics Coverd:

• Increase production uptime and yield

• Maximize quality and profitability

• Improve safety

• Raise efficiency while cutting costs

• Reduce your carbon footprint

• Provide safety and comfort for customers, patients and staff

• Improve individual job performance

• Increase the value of employees throughout your organization


• Steam Theory and Principles

• Steam Generation, Distribution and Typical Users

• Steam Traps: Types, Sizing and Applications

• Saturated & Superheated Steam: Pros and Cons

• Condensate Recovery Equipment & Sizing

• Water Hammer: Causes, Effects and Prevention

• Pressure & Temperature Controls

• Flow Measurement

• Hot Water Generation and Water Temperature Control

• Smart Utility Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting

• Humidification Solutions

• Energy Optimization Services & Best Practices

We Offer Custom Seminars and On-Demand Webinars

For those who are remotely located and need an Internet-based option, Armstrong provides on-demand webinars that cover specific subjects. If you have a particular need or area of interest, consider having a seminar customized for your personnel.

Following is this year's Armstrong University Class Schedule for our Three Rivers, MI (USA) Global Learning facility.

  • October 23-24, 2018
  • November 27-28, 2018
  • January 29-30, 2019
  • February 26-27, 2019
  • March 26-27, 2019
Many Armstrong Representatives operate their own training facilities. And some Representatives even have portable demonstration units that can be brought to your site.

To schedule a seminar, contact an Armstrong Seminar Coordinator. Or talk to your Representative. To locate the Armstrong Representative closest to you, click FIND A REP here. 

Director of Global Learning

P. Blasius:

North America

L. Masnari


Marie Vera Morales


Liu Kan


T. Muramatsu


Jaeyun Joo

Mexico and Latin America

David Mondragon









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