College of Steam Principles Package



"Steam Principles Package - 172 Minutes Total" includes 6 courses found within the College of Steam Principles at a special discounted rate.


The "Steam Principles Package" includes the following courses:

Steam Basics - 20 Minutes

    •Identify what steam is

    •How the energy of steam is used

    •Identifying the many properties of steam

Typical Steam and Condensate System Components - 30 Minutes

    •Identify types of equipment found in typical systems

    •Use a common vocabulary and nomenclature for steam and condensate components

Steam Quality Update - 30 Minutes

    •Understand the basic concepts of steam quality and steam dryness fraction

    •Measure steam dryness fraction

    •Understand the root causes of poor steam dryness fraction

    •Understand how air and non-condensable gases affect steam quality

    •Understand the effects of poor steam quality on steam system efficiency


Superheated Steam - 40 Minutes

    •What superheated steam is and how it is generated

    •The benefits and drawbacks of superheated steam

    •The common applications for superheated steam

    •The typical steam system components that are used with superheated steam, and

    •Recommended optimizations for superheated steam

Air and Non-condensable Gases in Steam - 23 Minutes

    •Identify air and non-condensable gases (NCG) in steam

    •Identify the effects of air and NCG on the steam system

    •Recognize how air and NCG enter the steam system

    •Apply Armstrong solutions to manage the air and NCG

Water Hammer - 30 Minutes

    •Understand basic mechanics of water hammer

    •Identify conditions under which water hammer may occur

    •Apply preventative solutions for water hammer

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