College of Steam Generation Package



"Steam Generation Package - 238 Minutes Total" includes 11 courses found within the College of Steam Generation at a special discounted rate.

The "Steam Generation Package" includes the following courses:

Typical Layout of a Boiler House - 30 Minutes

  • Identify the types of equipment found in a boiler house, describe their function and how they are interralted to the system
  • Use a common vocabulary and nomenclature for boiler house components

Types of Steam Boilers - 30 Minutes

  • Identify different types of industrial and commercial boilers
  • Recognize typical boiler applications

Steam Costs - 30 Minutes

  • The variables that contribute to steam costs
  • Ways to control steam costs
  • How to explain cost saving methods

Feedwater Pumps - 30 Minutes

  • Different types of feedwater pumps and their applications
  • Sizing basics of electric motor driven pumps
  • Proper piping techniques
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Optimizations and best practices

 Introduction to Deaerators - 60 Minutes

  • Identify and understand basic functions of a deaerator (DA)
  • Differentiate different types of DAs and their uses
  • Understand types of chemicals used in DAs
  • Identify DA components
  • Determine proper DA sizing
  • Calculate the quantity of steam used in a DA

Advanced Deaerator Practices - 30 Minutes

  • Understand common maintenance practices related to Deaerators (DA's)
  • Identify typical DA problems and their root causes
  • Understand energy best practices related to DA's

Combustion Air Preheaters - 23 Minutes

  • Understand how utility and packaged boiler air preheaters function in a plant setting to improve efficiency and life cycle of associated equipment
  • Learn the importance of proper condensate drainage and non-condensable venting
  • Understand best practice recommendations for steam coil air preheater design
  • Identify potential uses for flash steam
  • Learn types of mounting or installation of preheaters on utility and packaged boilers

Drain Separators - 25 Minutes

  • Define the purpose of a drain separator
  • Explain the basic concepts of steam quality
  • Describe how a drain separator works
  • List the different types of drain separators List the factors used for sizing a drain separator

Combustion Basics - 30 Minutes

  • Learn the basic elements required for proper combustion
  • Identify the fuels, air and heat properties to optimize efficiency
  • Apply time, temperature and turbulence for efficient combustion
  • Understand the emissions as a result of a chemical process and variables

Typical Optimizations of a Boiler House - 30 Minutes

  • List the most common problems in boiler systems and their symptoms
  • Identify and recommend optimal solutions to problems
  • Review best practices

O&M Best Practices - Boilers - 20 Minutes

  • Learn the importance of boiler quality checks
  • Identify maintenance and routine checks
  • Discuss key attributes of standard operating procedures

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