College of Steam Distribution Package



"Steam Distribution Package - 328 Minutes Total" includes 11 courses found within the College of Steam Distribution at a special discounted rate.

The "Steam Distribution Package" includes the following courses:

Designing Steam Distribution Piping - 40 Minutes 

  • Design a system from an energy savings, safety and reliability standpoint 
  • Understand the safety issues associated with steam distribution systems 
  • Learn a steam distribution system's role in maintaining steam quality 
  • Understand which standards must be followed by regions

Pressure and Temperature Control Essentials - 60 Minutes  

  • Pressure and temperature control theory
  • Types of PRVs
  • How PRVs operate
  • PRV noise issues 
  • PRV sizing basics

Pressure Reduction Stations - 30 Minutes 

  • The benefits of using a PRS 
  • Role of a PRS and key components 
  • Where key components are located within a PRS 
  • Relationship of components within a PRS

Pressure Reduction Troubleshooting - 20 Minutes 

  • Troubleshoot PRVs and pressure reduction stations 
  • Understand challenges with each type of PRV 
  • Identify the root causes of the problem 
  • Apply optimizations to resolve typical issues

Noise-Meeting Regulatory Requirements - 20 Minutes 

  • Discuss the noise regulation requirements for a PRV 
  • Learn how the different decibel levels correlate to different levels of flow and pressure 
  • Understand the external noise suppression devices and the acoustic/insulation jacket as it relates to minimizing noise levels 
  • Identify the orifice plate and the different sizes as it relates to minimizing noise levels 
  • Compare how noise suppression devices meet various requirements

Safety Relief Valves - 33 Minutes 

  • Identify Safety Relief Valves (SRVs) and their purpose 
  • Understand basic functions of Safety Relief Valves 
  • Apply proper placement, sizing and piping standards 
  • Recognize monitoring and maintenance expectations

Typical Optimizations in a Steam Distribution System - 20 Minutes  

  • List the most common problems in steam distribution systems and their symptoms 
  • Identify and recommend possible solutions to problems 
  • Suggest where to obtain additional information for problems and solutions 
  • Review best practices

Steam Distribution Headers - 30 Minutes

  • Design a boiler header for a multiple boiler system 
  •  Determine proper sizing for steam distribution headers
  • Manage condensate formation and draining
  • Reduce boiler and boiler header carryover

Insulation - 30 Minutes

  • Understand the basics of heat loss
  • Learn about insulation's energy savings and safety requirements
  • Know the key properties of insulation and how they factor into insulation system design
  • Learn about insulation types and considerations for installation and maintenance
  • Understand the protective coverings and finishes that protect insulation from abrasion and water damage

Piping Specifications - 20 Minutes

  • What pipe specifications are
  • How pipe schedules are used
  • Identify types of flanges
  • Explain how flange ratings affect a project
  • List the types of materials used for steam and condensate piping

Liquid Drainers - 26 Minutes 

  • List the features and benefits of liquid drainers 
  • Explain the typical applications for liquid drainers including sour gas service 
  • Describe the steps used to size and select the proper liquid drainer 
  • Identify NACE requirements

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