Armstrong University Engineering Package



"Armstrong University Engineering Package" -  includes over 40 courses found within Armstrong University.  Complete the checkout process below and you will automatically be enrolled in all of the following Armstrong University courses.

  • College of Steam Principles
    • Steam Basics
    • Typical Steam and Condensate System Components
    • Air and Non-condensable Gases in Steam
    • Steam Quality
    • Water Hammer
  • College of Steam Generation
    • Steam Costs
    • Combustion Basics
    • Drain Separators
    • Types of Steam Boilers
    • Typical Boiler House Layout
    • Typical Optimizations in a Boiler House
  • College of Steam Distribution
    • Designing Steam Distribution Piping
    • Flash Steam
    • Piping Specifications
    • Pressure and Temperature Control Essentials
    • Safety Relief Valves
    • Steam Distribution Headers
    • Typical Optimizations for a Steam Distribution System
  • College of Steam Users
    • Calculating Steam Used in Equipment
    • Designing Condensate Return Lines
    • Typical Steam Users
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Smart Solutions
    • Steam Ejectors
    • Steam Traps
    • Typical Optimizations on a Steam User
  • College of Condensate Return
    • Calculating and Returning Condensate
    • Designing Condensate Return Lines
    • Stalling Theory
    • Typical Condensate Return System Optimizations
  • College of Flow Measurement
    • Fundamentals of Flow Measurement
  • College of Humidification
    • Fundamentals of Humidification
  • College of Hot Water
    • Heat Exchangers for Domestic and Process Hot Water
    • Industrial Hot Water Systems
    • Industrial Water Temperature Controls and Washdown
    • Institutional Hot Water Systems - Intro
    • Institutional Hot Water Systems - Advanced
    • Institutional Water Temperature Controls
    • Legionella
    • Typical Energy Savings in Hot Water Systems
    • Heat Pumps
  • College of Water Treatment
    • Industrial Water Treatment Methods


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