College of Condensate Return Package



"College of Condensate Return Package -  306 Minutes Total" includes 10 courses qualifying at a special discounted rate.

The "Condensate Return Package" includes the following courses:

Calculating and Returning Condensate - 42 Minutes

  • What is condensate and how it is formed
  • Understand the users of steam and calculate maximum condensate return
  • Explore alternative methods to measure or calculate condensate if no data exists
  • Methods of returning condensate with pumped or dry-closed systems
  • What are the benefits of returning condensate
  • Calculate condensate cost with pumped or dry-closed systems
  • Understand safety issues related to handling condensate

Designing Condensate Return Lines - 36 Minutes

  • Different types of condensate return including dry closed systems and pumped systems
  • Pipe Sizing Factors
  • How to calculate line size and use available tables
  • How to calculate back pressures
  • Best piping practices for condensate lines

Condensate Quality and Contamination - Part 1  - 23 Minutes

  • The types of condensate contamination
  • Problems caused by contaminants
  • The root causes and sources of contamination 

Condensate Quality and Contamination - Part 2 - 15 Minutes

  • How to address and solve the contamination issues
  • How condensate polishers work 

Flash Steam - 30 Minutes

  • Define flash steam and explain how it is formed
  • List common applications for recovered steam
  • List the basic equipment used with flash steam
  • Describe how flash steam is recovered
  • Explain how to eliminate flash steam 

Stalling Theory - 40 Minutes

  • How to define stall
  • What causes stalling in equipment
  • What are the negative effects of stalling
  • How to detect that a heat exchanger is stalling
  • Typical equipment prone to stalling
  • Factors contributing to stall
  • Solutions to stalling 

Typical Optimizations of a Condensate System - 25 Minutes

  • List common problems in condensate return systems
  • Identify and recommend solutions to problems
  • Know where to obtain additional information for problems and solutions 

 Water Hammer - 30 Minutes

  • Understand basic mechanics of water hammer
  • Identify conditions under which water hammer may occur
  • Apply preventative solutions for water hammer

 Water Chemistry and Corrosion -40 Minutes


  • Understand sources of water and comparisons of water quality
  • Identify water impurities and their consequences in steam, hot water and humidification systems
  • Apply best practices for water chemistry and corrosion issues

O&M Best Practices for Condensate Return Systems - 25 Minutes

  • Learn the importance of water quality checks
  • Explore pipine issues, repair and installations
  • Identify pumps and other equipment maintenance routine checks

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